Video had been always something with which I've wrestled. Since I first started working on my music in the studio, people started advising me to make videos, but.. I was uneasy about this for a number of reasons. For one thing, I'm not a filmmaker, I'm a studio musician, composer and producer. I don't live to make films and I really don't know all that much about it in a nuts and bolts sense.  What right have I to be making these sorts of films? And if I'm not going to be that good at it... why would I represent myself this way? There's another aspect to all of this; why does music always require a theatrical or narrative element? Why is that the only way in which we can understand... anything? Everything must be framed in terms of story? Clearly, I disagree. 

    So, I do have reasons to be sort of against the idea from a philosophical point of view, but... if I could do it well. If it was effective - whatever I did -  than perhaps there was value to the idea. 

    The more I explored YouTube (and I often did this with the help of my teenage son) the more I realized that production values, and the lack thereof, was actually a part of the idiom as it has evolved. It has become the "great democratizer" where content and message seems to often supersede style points. That made me feel better and I actually agreed with that ethos - ideas should be judged on their content and on the value of the idea more so than on the packaging. I agree with that in the areas of public speaking. yes, I prefer good speakers, but if an idea is valid, even if expressed poorly - I'll at least give it a turn at bat.

    I decided to experiment. I played with the idea of slide shows and a script, which I liked doing, but also tried speaking extemporaneously to a camera (which I liked much less). I enjoyed learning about trying to find an audience and all the nuances of doing that on any of the major social media platforms - whether internet virility is even possible to achieve in any ethical way, because it's not a shock the 'net has been the wild west for many years and ethical business practices isn't something one normally associates with that space.

    Anyway, here's a link to my presence there, which I hope to expand in the future, and my introductory video for my channel.